Time: 60 Seconds.

An upbeat video that highlights the property's exteriors. Designed for the web or social media platforms. It encourages the viewer to easily watch and share on a mobile device. 

Aerial footage spotlights the property's size and location. The video is paired with music and closes with the agent’s information and company logo.




Time: 1-3 Minutes.

The Full Feature covers the exteriors, interiors, and includes aerial views from the sky. It offers comprehensive coverage allowing the viewer to experience each home.

Additional add-ons: narration, agent walk-through, separate social media versions, community/lifestyle footage.


All video productions utilize HD cameras, drones and professional gimbals.


Most residences conclude to $160, each property is assessed according to client's needs and project scale. 

Real estate photography is charged per hour while on site and during post production.

Drone photography: 5 images for $100.


-Licensed Part 107 Drone Operator - Remote Pilot for Small Unmanned Aircraft System-